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When you buy a computer there is a world of possibilities when it comes to laptops and PC’s, technical specifications, software that it can run, computer maintenance service in Westchase and so on. However, if you are like most computer users, your last thought would be about computer maintenance until there’s a problem. At Digital Ninjaz, our experience tells us that sometimes it is often too late but in the majority of cases your computer is in the last mile.


Computers are complex machines with many components that can wear out or become corrupted if not properly maintained. At this point you may think: I paid way too much money for this laptop or PC and it still needs maintenance? The answer is yes. Although you pay for cutting edge technology on a computer it is still a machine.  It has tiny mechanical and electrical parts prone to fail. At digital Ninjaz, the professionals in computer maintenance Westchase, we will discuss 6 tips for keeping your computer running smoothly and avoiding repairs (in the short run ).


Padding for protection

We start with the most obvious of all of them. For those who own a laptop, it is known that drops, bumps, and slips result in unsightly cosmetic damages that leave your computer looking broken. The worst part is when, from a drop, your laptop or even your desktop PC  start showing some disconnection errors on the network signal, a fatal hard drive error or just the computer not turning on anymore. In this case, it is vital to take your device to computer maintenance in Westchase at Digital Ninjaz.


A laptop is designed to take it outside and travel with it, in consequence it is important to add extra protection safeguarding against accidents. An exposed laptop is vulnerable to all of the elements of travel you likely want to protect it from. Whether you go across the street at the cafe in front of your apartment  to finish a project or to a classroom across campus, shielding your PC or laptop against the elements starts with (at least) a protective case otherwise you will need computer maintenance Westchase.There are a few different types of protection. Some protective gadgets offer differing levels of armor and functionality. You may find in the market:


  • Skins: it is like a full body laptop sticker.  These laptop skins are used for protecting the chassis (plastic or metal) from light damage and minor scratches.
  • Hard covers: you will find a wide variety of materials for hard covers going from polycarbonate, plastic, silicone or rubber. These laptop hard covers protect your PC while still permitting easy access to USB ports, buttons and so on.
  • Sleeves: simple but effective. A laptop PC sleeve is an envelope-style pouch made of soft  materials like nylon, polyester, suede, or microfiber. Laptop sleeves are an effective lightweight protection.
  • Specialized backpack: A backpack focused on carrying a laptop comfortably. It is specifically designed to accommodate your laptop, peripherals and other office stuff. 


Update your operating system

We perform computer maintenance in Westchase by keeping your operating system up to date. It is one of the easiest solutions you can do as well but the tricky part is to find the right drivers for the right hardware and make it work flawlessly. Regardless of whether you are a Windows, Mac, or Linux user you  can call to the pros at Digital Ninjaz. Updating your computer when new patches, drivers and versions are released ensures your computer stays at the cutting edge of performance power.


For example Windows 10 operating system is known for keeping users in tune with once a day update checks. Same happens with Mac and Linux. Having automated scans is important because you save time installing these updates as soon as they are available. Our computer maintenance in Westchase makes sure everything is up to date and keeps your computer safe from hackers and malware. The end goal is to optimize your PC performance, so when your operating system suggests you update, you should do it.


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Avoid overcharging

When it comes to laptops, optimizing battery power life is a top priority for our team when performing computer maintenance in Westchase. It is common to have a draining battery when you have got hours of work and play left on your day. However, it is better to take care of the charge and discharge cycles  of your computer.  Unnecessary charging can lead to overcharging, which then leads to reduced charging capabilities of the battery and, in the long run, malfunction of some components due to low  voltage. A laptop is no more a laptop if it can’t hold a charge as well as it could in its early days.


Within our computer maintenance in Westchase, we recommend to clients to unplug their device after it reaches 100% charge, and don’t plug in until power is actually low. It is a good practice despite the fact that some laptop manufacturers offer smart charging features.


Clean your hard drive

Computers tend to slow down their performance when they have tons of unused files living on their hard drives. Useless programs and junk files take up more space than you realize. These programs and files can quickly impact on your computer performance over the years.Before bringing your computer to our computer maintenance in Westchase, try out these PC tips to relieve your system.


  • Uninstall forgotten trial programs
  • Run disk cleanup software
  • Empty the recycle bin
  • Delete unused and temporary files
  • Clear cache of web pages
  • Reorganize your files 


You should also defragment your hard drive on a regular basis. This process rearranges the files on your hard drive so that they’re stored more efficiently. You can usually set your computer to defragment automatically, or you can do it manually using a utility like Windows Disk Defragmenter.


Run regular antivirus scans

Viruses can attack your computer any given moment, and in the event one does, having a good antivirus on your PC will protect you against the damage. Some viruses can delete important files on your computer but fortunately Digital Ninjaz also offers data recovery and virus removal services in Westchase.  Weekly antivirus scans ensure your computer is always clear of malicious software infections. 


Virus infections can compromise the performance of your laptop and expose your personal  information to cybercriminals. Depending on the type of virus, they can cause:


  • Slow web browser speeds
  • Hack your networks
  • Crash your operating system
  • Change settings
  • Allow unauthorized access to system resources


Avoid dust

In addition to the tips above, there are a few other things you can do to keep your computer in top shape. Dust off the computer case and keyboard regularly to prevent dust buildup. Same for laptop users. And if you have pets, keep them away from your computer to prevent them from damaging the hardware. Likewise, if you do not feel confident enough to open up your device call Digital Ninjaz specialists for help.



Summarizing, by following these tips, you can help prolong the life of your computer. Remember, proper computer maintenance in Westchase is essential for keeping your computer running smoothly. Take some time to care for your tech investment. Contact us for free consultation.


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