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Are you tired of spending a lot on computer maintenances? Do you have to wait for days to get your computers repaired? When it comes to Digital Ninjaz Inc., you found the right place for computer maintenance Clearwater. We are specialized in all kinds of computer maintenance services. It does not matter whether you have a personal computer at home or have a network with 50 computers at your workplace. We Digital Ninjaz Inc. do commercial custom server builds and network administrations down to the smallest hardware repair or virus removal on your personal computer at home.


We offer managed I.T services, cabling, and custom CCTV/ camera surveillance systems to our Clearwater customers. Our team of certified technicians can assist you remotely through our help desk at any given time. Our goal is to provide you quick and better service when it comes to computer maintenance Clearwater.

We have a small fleet of Ninja mobiles that can come to your doorstep and provide a best-class service when you expect our service the most. First, contact your local shop of computer maintenance Clearwater at +1 727-230-9298. You will speak directly to a live, friendly Ninja who knows exactly what your computer needs.




Types of computer maintenance Clearwater


When it comes to computer maintenance, it is essential to consider your computer’s software and hardware as they both play significant roles to keep up performances. There are four types of PC maintenances we perform as follows.



Predictive maintenance is the very first method of PC maintenances. In this process, our qualified technicians of computer maintenance Clearwater will use various diagnostic tools to foresee possible failures. These diagnostic tools monitor computer systems and check whether they are functioning and up to date. The CPU temperature, battery levels, and many other features will be observed in this process.


The following method after predictive maintenance will be preventive maintenance. Our Ninjas of computer maintenance Clearwater will detect weak points in the system and decrease the system downtime. As an added benefit, this will reduce the number of repairs. This type is commonly used to prevent possible failures, improve the functioning of a system, and lengthen the life of various components in the PC. Tasks such as scanning and removing antivirus, freeing-up of disk space will fall under preventive software maintenance. Cleaning equipment and CPU parts will fall under preventive hardware maintenance.


If the preventive and predictive maintenance did not solve the problem, the next step is to go through with corrective maintenance. Our well-experienced technicians of computer maintenance Clearwater will apply the necessary measures, depending on the case. In this process, we will do further tests and use various tools to find out the root cause of the problem and fix it.


Evolutionary maintenance is the last task we perform when it comes to computer maintenance Clearwater. In this stage, we will make sure your PC will perform efficiently. Our team of computer maintenance Clearwater will develop and introduce a system which will keep your computer with higher performance.




Five Important Tips from our team of computer maintenance Clearwater


Our service team of computer maintenance Clearwater will instruct you on how to perform some basic PC maintenance tasks. By doing these, you can make sure your computer has optimal performance and lengthen its lifespan. Otherwise, the few minutes that you did not spend on your office or personal desktop/laptop maintenance could become hours of unnecessary work in the future.


• Do not forget your regular PC cleanups – This refers to both software and hardware. It is essential to open the cover of your CPU and clean dust without damage to its components. At the same time, we highly recommend you remove or backup nonessential files from your hard disk drive and perform regular anti-virus and malware scans. This will help you to maintain a good RAM speed as well.


• Keep Your Food and Drink away from PCs – This is one of the common reasons why our customers require our services related to computer maintenance Clearwater. Most people end up spilling their coffees and other beverages on laptop keyboards. Liquids will go through keys and cause significant damage to the motherboard, hard disks, CD/DVD drivers, etc.


• Do not overcharge your laptop’s battery – Many people request our services of computer maintenance Clearwater due to power supply failures. This happens mainly because of overloaded electricity after regular power cuts. We strongly advise our customers not to use a laptop while connecting to a power port 24/7. Keep your operating system up to date – Whether you use an Apple product or Microsoft product, it is always essential to keep your OS up to date. Most providers will release updates with security patches and bug removals to keep your PC efficient.


• Do not block your PC or Laptop vents – Like any other living species, machines also require breathing. Cooling fans exhaust warm air and bring cold air to prevent hardware parts from getting heated. The heat of hardware will fluctuate for various reasons, such as the amount of work you perform every day and exterior climate conditions.


If you require further assistance related to computer maintenance, contact our Clearwater office at +1 727-230-9298. Our trained staff will make sure to go beyond their limits to help you solve any kind of issue related to computer maintenance.






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