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Digital NinjaZ, Inc, has been in the trade of IT solutions for over a decade and earned the reputation of being the most trustworthy and experienced data recovery company in Clearwater. Whether your data saved in a hard drive, flash drive, SD Card memory card, RAID, solid-state drive, or tape, our professionals in Data Recovery Clearwater team are willing to go beyond their limits to help your situation.


We understand the value of your personal and business information. Our trained professionals are available 24/7 to assist you at any emergency. To provide a fast and first-class service, we have partnered with several courier services and IT service providers. One of our main objectives is to cater our services to all sizes of businesses. We offer free evaluation before starting the process, and we have set up convenient payment structures to provide our Data Recovery Clearwater services and fit with any budget.


At our professional Data Recovery Clearwater services, we got the best resources, such as advanced clean rooms and a team of well-trained professionals to make miracles happen. Contact us right away and find out how we can resolve your IT matter. 




Types of Data Recovery Services we provide in Clearwater

There are various reasons could impact on losing data. It could be a mechanical failure, human error, software corruption, electronic damage, viruses and malwares, or malicious sabotage. No matter what type of a cause it is, our team of professionals in Data Recovery Clearwater. Here are some of the most common cases we get everyday.

Hard Drive Recovery – We provide our Data Recovery Services Clearwater to any make, model, or brand of a hard drive. Whether it is an external hard drive or an internal hard drive from a server desktop, laptop or even a notebook, our professionals can retrieve data. We use different advance techniques on each device to provide a better service.


Apple Mac Data Recovery – We know that you have a personal connection with your apple product. Some people are becoming quite emotional when their favourite devices started malfunctioning. Most devices fail due to human errors, hardware malfunctions or extreme environmental conditions. Our Data Recovery Services Clearwater got the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience to work on any kind of an apple device.


SSD Data Recovery – Technology on Solid State Drives (SSD’s) are bit complicated when compared with hard disk drives (HDD’s). From our Data Recovery Clearwater services, we always give a free evaluation first and explain the status so we can be transparent with clients about the whole process. Our experts are well trained to extract any kind of data from any SSD device.


Server Data Recovery – We understand how critical it is when there is a data loss from server. Down time could lead to a quick loss in any organization. Our “Ninja Mobiles” are available to visit your location quickly as possible to assess the damage and start retrieving data immediately to help you get your business up and running fast.


Mobile Data Recovery – Other than Apple Mac users, many clients use android systems on their personal mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and smart books. Most common cases due to a logical corruption or a physical damage. Whether your android device exposed to water, heat or accidently dropped, our Data Recovery Clearwater expertise can retrieve files to make your life easy again.




Digital Ninjaz way of Data Recovery Clearwater


We have an amazingly simple process when it comes to Data Recovery Clearwater. First step you need to do when you lost data from your mobile device, camera card, SSD drive, Office server, contact us and explain briefly about the situation. Based on the information what you have provided, we will be offering a price quotation. Our prices will be based on the type of device, capacity of storage and required additional services.


Once we completed and handed over our price quotation, our next step is to receive the device. You can either send this through a courier or one of our Ninja Mobile will pick depending on the availability. When shipping or couriering devices we always advice our clients to concern on following facts.


  • Place your device in anti-static bag or cover with an aluminium foil before packaging.
  • Highly recommending using bubble wraps or foam when packaging to avoid unwanted shocks and vibrations.
  • If sending a laptop, hard drive needs to be carefully removed before packaging.


When we received the device, our tech team will do a free evaluation withing less than 24hrs. With the diagnosis report, we will be sending you an estimated price. One of our professionals will contact you to provide further information and then we will begin the process of retrieving data.






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