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Whether you have a small business, mid-sized business, or an enterprise, Digital NinjaZ, Inc will help you grow your business with our professional IT support service Clearwater. Our IT support service Clearwater company was initially established in 2002 as Bayside Technology Solutions. And later, in 2013 re-branded as Digital NinjaZ, Inc. Ever since then, we started expanding our business by adding a clean room, new rental spaces, and a small fleet of “Ninja-mobiles” as well for onsite service, both commercial and residential.


We know that you have your own internal IT team, and we believe you have recruited the best, but when they are stuck with work up to the neck, our experts in IT support service Clearwater there to help you. We are specialized in all kind of services related to computer programming. We build and manage network administrations, commercial custom servers, and our tech teams are willing to come to your house and do any hardware repairs or virus removals on your personal computer. Managed IT services, custom CCTV/ camera surveillance systems are also our expertise in IT support service Clearwater.


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Services we offer from Digital NinjaZ, Inc with IT support service Clearwater


We understand how time is valuable for your business. Any downtime can create a massive blowback on productivity and will make a negative impact on revenue. We are here to forecast such technical issues and prevent massive losses by managing IT services. We have a team of experts who are willing to go beyond their limits to provide the best IT support service Clearwater.
Network administration and server building is one of the key services we provide in Digital Ninjaz. Our network administrators are accountable for all kinds of daily operations such as organizing, installing, cabling, to support your organization’s computer system. We are available 24/7 so we can remotely access your network at any given time to fix issues. We offer free one-hour onsite network assessment on any size of a business.


Protecting your business from cyber threats is another service we provide related to IT support service Clearwater. Cyber-attacks are designed to access, delete, or expose an organization’s sensitive information. It is important to protect your network against unauthorized access to data centers and other computerized systems. At Digital Ninjaz, we are equipped with the latest technology to protect you from malware, ransomware, or any kind of a cyber threat.


We offer Data storage and cloud backups as well through our IT support service Clearwater. Many businesses are still maintaining a local backup, but it is vulnerable to many greater risks. Cloud will allow you to access your information at any given time without a hazzle. We can help you to reduce your upfront capital expenses, reduce energy consumption and reduce storage space.
With over ten years of experience in IT services, our company Digital Ninjaz knows how to find the best solutions according to your business module to meet today’s world’s growing demands.




Reasons why you need to outsource Digital NinjaZ, Inc for IT support service Clearwater


In the modern world, any business needs to remain competitive, requiring additional support to manage their technology. Our objective is to provide IT solutions to help you run the business smoothly for the following reasons.


  • 24/7 Availability – Our Ninja-mobiles are available to assist you onsite and our trained tech teams are available at any given time to log in to your system remotely to provide the most fastest IT support service Clearwater


  • Capability – We will be there when you needed the most. Digital NinjaZ, Inc have recruited a well-trained and well-experienced staff to provide a better service in IT support service Clearwater.


  • Security – We are always keeping up with the most advanced technology to safeguard our clients from IT threats such as cyber hacking.


  • Cost-effectiveness – At Digital NinjaZ IT support service Clearwater, we offer most reasonable rates for all customers. It does not matter the size of business; we provide the best value for money service in Clearwater.


  • Trustworthy – Consider us as a powerful ally in your business. We take privacy seriously. It is our responsibility to protect our client data.






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